Wire Straightening & Cutting Machine for Forng Wey Machinery Co., Ltd


Wire Straightening & Cutting MachineFW-105
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Wire Straightening machine as suitable for straight cutting processed products of non-metals & iron wires, such as welding rod, kitchen utensils, fan frames of umbrella, metal cages, CD racks, hangers luggage frames and other wire products.

As a professional Wire Straightening machine & Wire Straightening Cutting Machine manufacturer and supplier in Taiwan, Forng Wey Machinery Co., Ltd. uses the state of the art facilities and the latest technology to enhance the productivity and efficiency on production line. Furthermore, the rich experience and professional skill that  has guarantee timely deliveries with top quality products. 


  • 4.0Ø ~ 8.0Ø (mm)
  • 50 ~ 3,000 (mm)
  • 2HP / 5HP
  • 500kg
  • 700kg
  • 70" x 36" x 60"