Wire Cutting Machine for Forng Wey Machinery Co., Ltd


Wire Cutting MachineFW-101
  • Introduction
Wire Straightening Machine & Wire Cutting Machine has a wire straightening system that may be a single/ double plane straightener or another multi-plane straightener. It may also include a wire guide, a wire feeder, and other processing components that are needed to achieve a desired material straightness. With over 10 years experience in developing the innovative straightening & cutting machine and the drill pointing machine, Forng Wey Machinery Co., Ltd has developed a comprehensive range of machinery models to meet various requirements of customers.

Wire Straightedge Rolling Machine: These machines as suitable for straight cutting processed products of non-metals & iron wires, such as welding rod, kitchen utensils, fan frames of umbrella, metal cages, CD racks, hangers luggage frames and other wire products.